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2.:Glossy Permanent

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Product Description
All of the vinyl decals are only one color. The white that appears in the listing artwork, namely the lettering as well as the background, represent the absence of the vinyl itself.
This item is 11”x11”
The default color is Black.
The default vinyl type is Matte Removable.
Want a different size? Message us and we'll create a listing just for you and price it accordingly.
Want a different color or type? No problem. To specify color, review color chart and message the specific color name in "Note to seller" during checkout. Don't see a color or finish you are looking for? Send us a message and we'll find a way to take care of you.
All decals are meant to be applied to the outside surface of an item. If you would like it to go inside something like a car window, fear not! Since all of our vinyl has clear adhesive, we can mirror it and send it that way.
Decals using vinyl type "matte removable" can be easily removed without residue or damage to paint but cannot be reused or repositioned.
Vinyl that exceeds 22" in more than one direction will need to be applied in pieces and "stitched" together. We include 1/4" overlap for easier application. For example, if you have artwork like a quote that is 22" tall x 48" wide, it will all come in one piece. If you have a wall tree that is 42" tall x 60" wide, it will come in two pieces. One piece will be 21" tall x 60" wide. The second piece will be 21.25" tall x 60" wide.
We do NOT Photoshop any listings. It is a common industry practice to use a stock image background and place an image of cut vinyl artwork in the photo to quickly and easily illustrate a desired outcome.
If you are seeing a photo that shows an item you are interested in it is because we have made it, applied it, and taken a photo. This can be a painstaking process, but we believe it helps us operate with integrity and to portray our products accurately. We will also occasionally use photos submitted by happy customers (and credit them in the photo) to share with you the way somebody else has used it.
All of our pricing reflects the way it has been illustrated in the photo. We have no intention to mislead with a picture of a huge piece of vinyl at a low price only to tell you that what you are seeing and what you really want is much more expensive.
If there isn't a photo yet, fear not! We'll have at least one posted soon! Sometimes ideas for artwork happens faster than we've had time to go through the work of creating, cutting, applying, photographing, posting, etc.. We don't want that to prohibit you from seeing a new option for purchase.
Thank you so much for shopping with us!

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